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Michael Baldwin is an award-winning advertising & branding professional helping individuals, companies, and brands Be better ®.

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Three promises


Be better ® BRAND

Michael helps companies decipher their true identity, purpose, and passion, and untangle overcomplicated branding and naming strategies.

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Be better ® YOU

When it comes to personal brands, every point of contact and communication with the world either reinforces or confuses yours. Michael helps you define your personal brand and how to develop it with consistency.

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Be better ® PRESENTER

This workshop teaches how to build presentations that clarify thinking, catalyze buy-in, improve decision-making, and close deals.

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Very few experts can teach their craft as well as Michael Baldwin can teach how to write and deliver compelling presentations.
— Meredith Kopit Levien, Chief Operating Officer, The New York Times
When it comes to positioning a brand and articulting what makes its offerings distinctive and compelling, there is simply no one better than Michael Baldwin. He has an uncanny way of pulling so many threads together, extracting what’s most relevant, expressing it clearly and simply.
— Liz Paley, Founder and Principal, Framework Consulting New York



Michael Baldwin is an accomplished leader in the communications industry with more than 35 years of top 10 advertising agency experience in building global brands, leading global teams, solving complex strategic problems, and developing world-class creative campaigns. 

He is the founder and principal of MICHAEL BALDWIN INC, which offers best-in-class corporate and personal branding and executive coaching. Michael helps individuals, companies, and brands Be better ®.

Michael spent eight years with Ogilvy & Mather New York, where he was the Worldwide Account Director for the $500 million IBM account. He also managed the global SAP account, where he led the integrated communications campaign and built a global team in over 40 countries.

He is a highly decorated creative professional, having won the David Ogilvy Award for his leadership on the SAP global brand campaign and a Cannes Gold Lion, Clio, British D&AD Silver, and Ad Age’s “Best of the Year” TV Campaign award for copywriting on Apple.

Michael has held posts at other top agencies, such as Ammirati & Puris, BBDO, and FCB, where he headed up campaigns for Apple, Compaq, Ashton-Tate, and NeXT.

Michael also offers a one-of-a-kind presentation workshop that turns presenters into truly effective communicators. He has developed an entirely original way of enabling people to put the focus of a presentation back where it belongs—on the presenter. He is the author of Just Add Water ®: An incredibly easy guide for creating simple, powerful presentations.

Michel has a B.S. in Chemistry from Beloit College in Wisconsin, studied professional acting at the William Esper Studio, and lives in New York.


Just Add Water

Michael Baldwin's Just Add Water ® is dedicated to putting the focus―and the power―of every presentation back where it belongs: with the presenter. It is a rediscovery of how to transform dense, ineffective presentations into ones that can actually inspire: clarify thinking, improve the quality of decision-making, and close deals. Just Add Water uses a unique teaching method called cognitive short-cutting: leveraging known concepts to shorten the learning process. It is an illustrated guide designed to be so simple and direct that any reader can absorb the key concepts and put them into practice immediately.

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