PowerPoint slides have become the center of gravity in presentations today. Not the presenter. Everywhere you look, the tool that promised to make presentations exponentially better is facilitating just the opposite—turning slides into dense pages that belong in an appendix, and creating a global competition to see just how much information can be crammed onto a single slide. Is it surprising that audiences are frustrated with presentations that are incomprehensible or incoherent?

This workshop reverses this trend, and puts the focus—and the power—of every presentation back where it belongs: with the presenter. It transforms ineffective presentations into ones that clarify thinking, catalyze buy-in, improve decision-making, and close deals.

Seeing is believing: one client’s first TEDx Talk.

Michael is the author of Just Add Water ®: An incredibly easy guide for creating simple, powerful presentations.

Very few experts can teach their craft as well as Michael Baldwin can teach how to write and deliver compelling presentations.
— Meredith Kopit Levien, Chief Operating Officer, The New York Times