Advertising agencies overcomplicate it. Branding agencies would have you believe it is a Dark Art, better left to the experts. But the truth is that the creation and stewardship of a brand is not a mystery at all—it merely requires common sense and the application of three key principles: Clarity; Consistency; and Conviction. Disney, Apple, Nike, and IBM are just a few examples of world-class brands that understand that the creation of a brand begins with a distinct point-of-view—a crystal clear understanding of what a company stands for and its mission in the world.

Michael has spent 35+ years in successful branding and communication management. His unconventional, non-linear discovery process is designed to help companies decipher their true identity, purpose, and passion, and untangle overcomplicated branding and naming strategies.

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I believe you are the best magician on earth!
— Zlatko Vucetic, Chief Executive Officer, FocusVision